Saturday, 19 April 2014

Crash Team

I gave us nill by mouth for weeks
hoping the war would end
and wounded solders
could sleep deeply
and start their lives,
fresh but scared.

Pure, weak sentiment
made me get the crash team
they electrocuted  us back to life
only to die again
with a harsh beep and a straight line.

Nurses whispered truths
that should be screamed in pain
machines turned off
the end at last.

We'll always be wounded soldiers
and the a quiet war in my heart
but we can start again
now the darkness has died.

Friday, 11 April 2014


Forgive you,
That's God's job
my soul is too small.

Hating you saves me
from you ripping out my heart,
for fun
for screaming at me
for your sins.

And you send some money
to your heartbroken daughter,
a remembered birthday for once.

Don't think that even
starts to make up
for the chaos you left,
it can't be done.

I wish I could chuck
your carcass in the sea
never see you again.