Thursday, 21 May 2015

Toxic Healing

An acid house tune,

On Morphine,

At this rave there is

No dancing

Only fitful, poisoned sleep,

To a toxic lullaby.


Magnesium and antibiotics

Mix with salt and sugar,

Building blocks of life

Along with poison.

They drip into the body

To a toxic lullaby.


And visions never seen

In life,

Come in a sick sleep

Things connect and make

Dreams that will never

Come again

Surreal visions flicker

To a toxic lullaby.


Soon the lines will become firm

And the body and mind

Will get better

But the only comfort right now

Is a toxic lullaby.


Thursday, 7 May 2015


We thought we bunked off winter,

Sunshine drenched the world,

And gave us candy colours

Before the trees could show us

Their green and coloured finery.


Winter blew back,

And gave us drama,

It gave us shades of grey

And biblical troubled skies.


The world reminded us,

There is no green without the grey

That candy colours can never last

That nature has its cycles.


The last shock of winter

Came when the days

Should be lengthening and mellowing,

Reminded us that every colour is important.