Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Don't trun on the Lights

We wrestle with darkness.

And fight the winter

With gaudy lights

And glittery trinkets.

But we always remember our demons.


We remember the day

We lost those diamonds

In our bones

When Christmas lights mingled

With a funeral

So many of the old

Leave us at Christmas

So many sick and young

Pass in the dark days.


 So we carry on

Struggle to buy gifts

Memories of innocence

Before our beloved left us

And we took them for granted.


If we never turned on the lights

And embraced the darkness

Spring would still come

We would still heal

We would be reborn

And make our own diamonds.  

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Finding a new Grace

Summer smog disappeared from my mind,

And winter made me think,

The world went to blue, black

And grey.


The shock came suddenly

I was just me

Alone, no beautiful people

No tribe.


Then spring came in winter

The clouds chased each other

Like my mind

After the next high.


Turbulence made the still

I realised the bright blue sky

Myself and a storm

Were happiness.


So let me sing about experience

Let me find an earnt grace

The song will be as sweet

As the toxic tune of false happiness.