Sunday, 29 November 2015

Black Friday

The weather is violent.

Like the bargain hunting

So let’s stay inside

Make Black Friday our own

And examine sadness

In our souls.


Don’t compete over screens

Or post shinny goods

But look for the diamonds

That were in your bones.


Write poetry

And think

Read dusty books

Full of wisdom

From the old worlds

And utter dark prayers.


So make Black Friday

A day on your own,

Make friends with your true self

And forget all you bought.

Love all you are.




Saturday, 21 November 2015

Chemical Babylon

I hardly moved

Out of my hometown

And I found Chemical Babylon

I found true love,

With no one in particular

No work involved

Just swallowed a pill

For every ill

In my soul.


And that muddy field

In the cold

Could have found California.

I took a selfie

Of a perfect moment

With a stranger.


One day it all meant


My spite and ambition.

The negativity went

On a Saturday night

Then came back

Like a monster on Wednesday.


And all the soldiers of pleasure fell

They went from beautiful to sad

They only found true love in a pill

Then found themselves in pits.


They turned form my heroes

To victims

And then I found a life

My songs were all of experience not innocence

Chemical Babylon fell.



Saturday, 14 November 2015

The End

I can’t be on the planet

You live on,

I can’t stare at the same sky and clouds.

The hate is so

My heart ponds

To even hear your name.


Yet my eyes grow blacker

And a part of me wants you

And I just feel shame.

You’re a hacker

For my soul.


Yet I know the destruction,

We wreak on each other’s lives

We argue like a war

And get mad at everything

Malcontents who are

Looking never to move on

Never to thrive.


If I stay here I am stuck

On this big ball in the universe

And if I go the story ends

I was taken

My soul has gone

My mind in reverse

So I leave here.

A wasted life

Alive or not

I loved you.