Friday, 21 March 2014


Another human car crash,
look happy,
talk a little too loud,
smile a little too wide,
not seen a bath for a while
not seen sanity for even longer.

And you skip off to get pissed,
known you since school
but not much to say now.

I ask about your lost children,
the x gave up and so did they,
better off wandering
happy in your blurred way.

Skin like wrinkled paper
soul of a lost teenager
at a party they can't leave
their parents didn't pick them up at midnight
and left their children to the sharks.

But you have each other,
until a low rent
Jeremy Kyle show
is for everyone to see.
Then you bed down of the pavement
another crash tomorrow.


  1. Did you write this? Silly question, I am sure you did. It's brilliant.

  2. I've gone red, thank you it was me.