Monday, 21 July 2014


I dream of you,
your voice, hair and brotherly love,
your unwanted advice and annoying ways.

I remembered I loved you,
felt angry at you,
and protected by you equal measure.

Didn't want to leave us
a random twist of just biology took you
did fate take the wrong person?

You took a part of us,
now the puzzle doesn't fit,
the soap opera was ripped apart.

Years later I can cry,
family who never knew you
don't have the missing part.

We need your energy and bluntness,
for the tale to be the right one
so we live the real story
with less life and color.

You took the story
ripped the pages
they will never put themselves back
in the order they belong.

Biology took you
just fate,
you left us so randomly
and we can only have you back
in our dreams.

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