Thursday, 25 September 2014

I've got two Jobs

It's hard to get a job right now. 

Back in the happy days of the naughties I walked from one job to another, falling out with bosses on my way, I wasn't career minded I just wanted to put food on the table, buy clothes for the kids and have some fun

Then after some tough times I suddenly found work hard to find, interviews got longer and harder and competition got tougher, there were always more silly tasks to do, I have made towers out of pasta and marshmallow, bridges out of magazines, sellotape and elastic bands and been on weeks courses just to get an interview for a jobs I barely wanted.

After one more retail job I'd had enough, I left my job and went back to college. It was an adventure, I didn't get good grades but just passed but somewhere I found a bit of confidence and ambition, I realized I had determination, passion and a tiny bit of  talent.

So how did I get two jobs?

Attitude is everything, when overeating and Jeremy Kyle looks like a good way to spend a day you need to make yourself do something positive, apply for a course, volunteer, this will keep your social skills fresh and look far better on a CV than "sat around feeling sorry for myself".

Keep away from bad influences, some people are depressed, can't be bothered and will get you down. Be harsh, you can't rescue people, only the emergency services can do that and nobody can rescue people form themselves. Work out who is worth your time and who is not and keep boundaries up for gossips, moaners and people who don't wish you well, learn the art of saying "piss off" with a smile.

If you have a dream, follow it. A job you really want is out there somewhere and you can probably get something close to it if you try.If nobody will pay you to do your dream job do it anyway, this is the first step to getting paid. Thanks to technology you can be a journalist, a social media guru, photographer or filmmaker for little cost then show the world what you can do.

Also be down to earth, be open minded about what you do. Being unemployed is nasty so take a job you can do simply so you don't end up in Poundland working for nothing. Take a job close to your dream but keep working towards it.

Good luck and tell me how you get on or how you found work. It's tough out there but getting work is not impossible.

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