Sunday, 30 August 2015

Zombie Sky Romance.

She is loud, yet tiny,

Legs of a half-starved child,

Body of a woman

With eyes that want to eat the world.

She walks with bare feet

And her hand holds precarious shoes.


And he is balding,

In youthful jeans

A bright red shirt

That used to baggy

And now fits his fat

Like a skin on a cheap sausage.


He holds her hand more tightly,

As she scabs a light

And she holds court,

With wit as sharp as her heels

And smokes partly for the drama.


He traps her with his arm

But he need not worry,

She likes his humour and his eyes,

And she has an optimistic soul.


He wants to keep hold of his prize

He is captivated by her

Dangerous shorts, one liners

And animal print bra

Barely covered by her top.


So their flawed romance starts,

And will be finished soon

Under a zombie movie sky.



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