Sunday, 18 October 2015

Life paralysis

Lines go blurred

See the same tress

The same faces

The same irritations

The same secrets

Buzzing round my tired head.


And I notice the same details

The smokers outside work,

Sharing the same secrets,

That we’ll all know next week

And they talk in surnames

About sex and drugs

And poverty.


The words on the screen

Bleed into each other

And the words come faster

To strangers I’ll never meet


The secrets come further to the top,

The darkness bleeds into the light

And nearly get blurted to my

Imagined enemies.

My thoughts are the only evil

In my tiny life.


Walk home in the humid dark

And see the same faces

The same sodium light

And people with life

Love and laughter in the pub

The tiny skirted students

And the scruffy, hopeful lads

Starting their life.

Life paralysis

So many things to love

But the numbness suffocates

Any hope, love or fear

And wandering through

Hoping for an afterlife

That may come in all the colours,

If only I could see in this one.

 Sleepwalk through another night

And wide awake through the night.


The only Hell I make is mine

Tomorrow I will do the same

Live out banality out of fear

Stay tired,

Stay a zombie,
stay still
and forget to live.


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