Thursday, 18 February 2016

Paper Dolls

We stick any crisis on them,

Those paper dolls

Stare from newsstand

In bright lime and pink.


We stick new style

A new wedding of birth,

On these paper people,

In a bought world.


They live in a paper world

Or a horror house of mirrors

Of distortion

Of divorce

And those private disasters.


So let’s keep our soul private

And stay in 3D

Don’t become a reflection

A digital being.


We make ourselves

Into paper dolls

Stick on new hair

A new colour

A new us.


We stick an emotion,

For our public

Half glad they’re whispering

About our perceived life

On the screen

We’re all smiling

Even when were tired

And ordinary.


So be normal

Don’t smile all day

Have a 3d soul

Don’t be a paper doll.




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