Friday, 18 March 2016

True Love

You came into my life

Like a rock and a hurricane.

All in one and for a while you seemed alive

And we had to cling together

Because like the romantic songs said

We’d be nothing without each other.


We wandered through the moonlight

Or I dragged you behind

And I thought that dog

Was just there

To share the joy

And didn’t have your hand

 in it’s mouth.


I spent evenings lovingly sewing you up

A finger here

And toe there

I used a car battery to make you move

Like Mary Shelly I’d made monster.


So I dressed you up and dragged you around

My creation,

Imaginary friend

Only obsession

My everything.

On dates you’d listen to my dreams

And I could make your face

So you always looked fascinated.


And then the smell became too bad

I should had let you rot
and left

You are a rotting corpse without me

But I made you the undead

Some things should rot in the ground.

Being a half-life is worse

And you are nothing

Without me.


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