Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The Second coming of horor

"Alex, are you going back to your flat."

Alex thought about it.

"Can I stay with your lot?"

"I'll talk dad, round, we need money to keep things going so pay your way and you'll be doing us a favour, what about your clothes."

"I'll go back now and get my stuff."

The girls got on the bus and watched the zombie kills outside, the sight was no longer shocking and the girls were just relieved it wasn't them doing the killing. The summer had gone from thundery to beautiful that just made all the violence look unreal.

"Our stop."

Said Kayleigh,

"Brolly at the ready."

They killed a man and a woman with grit and determination.

Kayleigh let herself in in her small bottom floor flat, she walked into her kitchen and saw her zombie husband banging at the window. The man she had declared she would love forever had half a face, with maggots eating out of his eyes, she had killed him once and now she would have to kill him again. The small lawn where she could picture her children playing was wrecked from where he had climbed his shallow grave and was now on a mission to manically kill anyone in his way, and now she had to kill him again. He smashed through the window so she smacked him over the head with an umbrella, the maggots were a weak point so he worked on that part of his head until his head caved in, she had killed him twice. Now his blood was dripping into her kitchen sink and she had a funeral to arrange.

Alex ran out into the street.

"Kayleigh, I had to kill Tom again, help us with the body."

Kayleigh walked in and went pale

"That's Tom, so that's where he went."


Explained Alex, he was turning and came at me, so killed him, and then I buried him in the garden, and he got out,"

"Jesus Chirs, why didn't you tell anyone, we could have helped you."

Kayleigh and Alex pulled the rotting body out of the kitchen into the garden. Kayleigh noticed a tear in Alex's eye.

"Alex this must be horrible."

"Yes, I pictured our first kid playing on this lawn, I do have feelings, I'm just holding off until the end of this crap."

"I know, sweetie, I wish I was as brave as you."

I wish I was as nice as you."

Replied Alex.

"What the hell are we going to do with this?"

Asked Kayleigh.

"Give him a funeral, he was a good bloke, he deserves it."

Alex looked on her phone for a funeral director and rang, the rings stopped.

"Alex, I think you're in shock, we killed two people just now, and any non-zombies are doing the same, if we want to give Tom a funeral, we'll have to do it."

Alex wept tears that had been waiting to fall and hugged Kayleigh.

"It might be good for you,  and all of us."

Sue knocked on the front door, she was a neighbour.

"That's Tom, in the garden."

She was an older lady who Alex suspected was a bored woman who treated her neighbour's lives like her own, personal soap opera.

"Oh no Alex, I'm so sorry, only just married as well, how awful."

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