Friday, 3 March 2017

Alternative facts


Claire stood at her front door in her PJs totally confused at what the visitors were saying.

"We're very offended at what you tweeted, it's our opinion the world's flat and you're opinion it's a ball, and that's all it is, an opinion."

"How the hell did you find me?, I never use my real name"

Exclaimed Claire

"We have our ways"

said the hollow-eyed boy.

"So you're clever enough to find me on Twitter, but you can't work out the world is round, I'm confused."

It was a windy day, Claire was embarrassed to be caught in her night clothes.

"Guys, I'll get some clothes on and we'll talk"

Claire ran up the stairs and pulled some jeans and a jumper on and opened the door.

"OK come in"

Claire showed the teenagers to her kitchen in her downstairs flat and they all sat her small table.

"I'm "The truth Seeker and this is "God's child", remember the names.


Claire inwardly rolled her eyes

She looked at the green haired pixie-like girl who was shooting her looks across her kitchen table and the skinny, hooded teen. Claire wondered how these kids could find her on Twitter, find her house and then ask for a debate on the shape of the earth while keeping a straight face.

"We're offended, you said things that triggered us, we were both bullied at school."

Claire's mind worked in overtime, she looked at these two small teens and felt a little sorry for the ripe insults she'd typed.

"OK. I'm sorry about the insults, I didn't know how young you were, but the world is still round, that's just a fact."

"But the law's changed, what you did will be a hate crime soon, very soon."

Clair turned to her laptop to check what the teens were saying. The teens were right

"Minority views will be protected by law next year, soon you could appear in court for insulting people who believe in alternative truths"

The blood drained from Claire's face, this was madness in law.

"Can we go for a walk?" Asked Claire

"How can we trust you?"

Mumbled the boy.


Said Claire,

"I'm a good person, I let you in, we've talked and this is my only day off work this week, I just want to show you something that's not on a screen."

Claire pulled on her boots and they walked down the suburban street, it was a windy day with clouds chasing each other. The clouds parted and Claire shouted,

"Look up"

There was an aeroplane trail that went straight up as if it was a rocket.

"Get in your house, they're spraying poison at us."

"What, no they're not, those are just very big exhaust fumes."

Exclaimed Claire.

"No look, it looks like a rocket, but when you went on holiday did it feel like you were going up like that?"

"No, because those are a projection"

Claire had run out of patience.

"Look, I'll just block you both and we'll have to agree to disagree."

The two teens nodded.

"And never come to my house again."

Claire walked back to her house and went on to her computer, she downloaded the Dark Net, the truth would always be more important than the law, and the earth would always be round.

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